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Condom OK


    Introduced in 1993, OK was one of the first condoms in Vietnam and has gained strong popularity with consumers.

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  • Longshock

    OK Longshock is specially designed with Benzocain, prolong sensation and help men delay the climax.

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  • Dotted

    OK Dotted is designed with hundreds of dots on surface to heighten sensation and pleasure for both partners.

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  • Orange

    OK Orange is lubricated with orange scent to excite the partners’ sex life.

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  • Strawberry

    OK Strawberry is lubricated with strawberry scent, which is perfect for romantic couple.

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  • Mint

    The fresh cool scent of OK Mint helps stimulate the excitement for both partners.

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  • Banana

    You and your partner will be impressed with the scent of OK Banana and have a very new exciting experience.

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  • Apple

    The fruity scent of OK Apple helps you both enjoy your “love” fully.

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Condom Rock

  • Longshock – Dotted

    ROCK Longshock – Dotted is 2 in 1 condom with outstanding features : climax control and dotted for long and intensive love making.

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  • Longshock – Ribbed

    ROCK Longshock – Ribbed is 2 in 1 condom with outstanding features : climax control and ribbed for both partners’ pleasure.

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  • Longshock – Ultra thin

    ROCK Longshock – Ultra thin is specially designed 2-in-1 condom with climax control and extra thin features for long natural feeling.

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Condom Maxpro

  • SensiTight

    MAXPRO SensiTight is premium condom with special design to create tighten feeling like the first ime.

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  • Thin-soft

    MAXPRO Thin-soft is premium thinnest latex condom in the world and can transfer body heat quickly for a completely natural feeling.

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  • SuperDot

    MAXPRO SuperDot is premium condom with big dots to maximize her pleasure, create perfect experience for the couple.

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